Cademoi Fossil Stone

Enclosed by the rock and sealed by a natural cork, the ashes will be released in the selected place, where, over the years, they will leave a stone as a memory, entirely in balance with nature. Creating a memorial or a lasting tribute is the final step of honouring who have gone from your sight and who you loved so much. Whether it is a traditional funeral home in a family burial plot, a tomb in a graveyard or a beautiful scattering, a meaningful and permanent memorial can provide peace, comfort and an everlasting memory

Founded close to  Acqua Fraggia Waterfall creek, with a natural fossil.

On demand, it is possible either to take the keepsake to the place where its stone was picked, or to allocate it into landscapes wherever in the world, where peace and nature will accompany your relative forever.

The best choice for a burial in nature, an environmental friendly farewell.

Handcrafted work fully designed and realised in Italy.


Weight: 13kg

Size: 25 x 21 x 15 cm
Volume for ashes 130cc