Cademoi Sassolungo Dolomiti

These urns are sometimes used in addition to a fully sized urn when it is buried. Keepsake sized urns can be used to preserve some of the ashes at home, partially buried in the garden, inside the house or shared amongst family and friends. This will allow you to permanently hold a small amount of ashes. The ashes are enclosed by a container which is assisted by modern technology and manufacturing, made of brushed sealable stainless steel. They are inserted into the rock and sometimes they are substituted with wood or marble rack accessorizes to support the unique and irregular shape of the rock.

Polished by the glacier at the foot of mount Sassolungo western Dolomiti.

Scattering-Eterno Stone versions available

On demand, it is possible either to take the keepsake to the place where its stone was picked, or to allocate it into landscapes wherever in the world, where peace and nature will accompany your relative forever.

The best choice for a burial in nature, an environmental friendly farewell.

Handcrafted work fully designed and realised in Italy.


Weight: 26kg 

Size: 40 x 30 x 13 cm
Volume for ashes 150cc